Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer printing continues to be the preferred printing method for syringes and bags. Our thermal transfer labels are constructed from a durable glossy polypropylene with an adhesive that offers superior hold to small syringes down to 3ml. Our proprietary inks exhibit excellent printing characteristics and smudge resistance when paired with a solid resin ribbon.

Our labels handle bags very well with our film label withstanding moisture very well. Our labels come in all ASTM background colors with an alcohol-resistant ink that will not smudge or run when wiped down with alcohol.

  • Labels are available in all commonly used syringe and bag sizes with custom sizes available.
  • All rolls come shrinkwrapped.
  • All labels LATEX FREE and GLOVE SAFE.
  • All orders come with certificates including an expiration date for easier rotation of inventory.
  • 100% traceability to give you peace of mind.

Inkjet Labels

Inkjet is quickly becoming a preferred method of printing for syringes and bags as it enables multi-color printing and faster print speeds with less waste.

Inkjet material is thicker due to the inkjet coating, this created a challenge adhering to very small syringes and after exhaustive R & D, we sourced a product we felt we could confidently add to our product line.

Our inkjet is a high gloss white face material paired with an aggressive adhesive designed to adhere to small radius items like syringes without flagging.

  • These will work on K type inkjet printers very well we have them in use currently.
  • All rolls come to shrink wrapped and include a sheet with all data including expiration date to facilitate easier rotation of inventory.
  • 100% traceability which will trace back to the date and time of manufacture.
  • They are available in all common sizes, custom sizes and spot color printing available.

Custom Self Laminating Labels

The label has a top hinge that you lift up to write your data on the label, peel off the backing paper and you seal the label now your label is laminated and protected when they wipe the machinery down.

  • Lift the attached hinge
  • Write your information
  • Peel back backing paper
  • Press down clear laminate & apply Pressure

Thermal Transfer Cryo Quarantine & Release Labels

Do you have a need for a deep freeze label? we offer a 2" x 1" polypropylene thermal transfer label paired with an adhesive that will perform in a liquid nitrogen freezer. Our inks will not crack and are fully alcohol PROOF and excellent printing with no lamination required.

  • Available in white, green and yellow with custom colors on a custom order basis.
  • All rolls come to shrink-wrapped in rolls of 4000 All orders come with 100% material traceability.
  • Custom sizes also available.
  • Prices are 50% less than some and they perform better too.
  • Labels come in rolls of 4000. Cost: $48.00 per 1000 192.00 per roll.

Custom labels

Do you need custom pre-printed labels? We follow all GMP procedures for documentation. We can print up to 7 colors if you need.

  • Hundreds of Die sizes.
  • In-house art dept.
  • Materials that have been thoroughly tested and are being used nationwide.

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